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Do you need a spray booth for your paint jobs

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Do you need a spray booth for your paint jobs


The spray booth (you can also known as paint spray booth or paint booth) is a specially built enclosure designed to accommodate spray paint spraying operations and isolate and remove overspray and vapor produced during the spray application process.

These are 5 main types or styles of Paint Booths for liquid paint applications Cross Flow, Side

Down Draft, Semi Down Draft, Full Down Draft and Open Face Industrial Booth. (pictured below)

All serve the same purpose to clear the air and remove overspray from the inside of the booth. They are available in many different sizes and custom sizes.



The booths contain intake & exhaust filters. Intake filters clean the air coming into the booth and the exhaust filters filter the air leaving the booth.

There are some spray booths have there own heated or non-heated air replacement unit making them a positive pressure booth. A paint booth that has positive pressure keeps unwanted dirt and debris from entering the booth through week caulk joints or door seals.

Without such a system in place you have whats called negative pressure boothwhich pulls in shop air usually through filtered doors commonly known as a Cross Draft Paint Booth. This is the most popular and economical booth models available.

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